San Diego's Oldest Urban Winery

Urban Winery refers to a winemaking facility that is located in an urban setting rather than the traditional rural setting near the vineyards. Modern technology has allowed for winemakers to grow the grapes in a remote location and transport them to the urban facility for crushing, fermentation, and aging. Here at Witch Creek Winery, we source our grapes from other vineyards, selecting only the finest grapes available. Some of the vineyards include Valle De Guadelupe, El Dorado, Clarksburg, Paso Robles, Napa Valley and others.

Natural Wine

All of our wines at Witch Creek are natural, meaning that we do not use additives in the cellar as we ferment our wines nor do we filter our wines prior to bottling. This results in a glass of wine that is as close to straight off the vine as you can get. We pride ourselves on our ‘Vine to Bottle’ process. As Nicolas Joly from La Coulée de Serrant puts it: “To achieve zero technology in the cellar, you need to be an artist in the vineyard”, which is exactly why we only source the highest quality grapes we can find.

Paul Warson - Wine Consultant

Paul Warson is the current WineMaker and Wine Consultant for Witch Creek Winery. He is in charge of picking the best grapes, creating our award winning wines, and ensuring the quality of our products in the tasting room. He also creates videos of his personal tasting notes for each of the wines here at Witch Creek. Check them out on the store!

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